Design a community home in Iceland that exemplifies a circular economy. Iceland Lake Myvatn Community House competition is launched!

Architectural design of virtual homes moves into the metaverse. Virtual Home competition is launched!

Use architecture to create different emotional states. Museum Of Emotions competition is launched!

Celebrate timber as a building material. Timber Pavilion competition is launched!

Fifth annual competition to redefine the modern-day skyscraper. SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge / Edition No5 competition is launched!

Design a new concept of small-scale architecture. MICROHOME - Small Living, Huge Impact! / Edition No4 competition is launched!

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum presents the initiation of its two phase expansion project

Design a memorial to what we hope will be the end of nuclear weapons. The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial / Edition No2 competition is launched!

Design a modular dream home. Modular Home / Edition No2 competition is launched!

Participate in the AIA California's Architecture at Zero competition, registration deadline is January 11, 2022

Out of Bounds: TFAM Expansion Conducts Open Call for Proposals

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